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Athearn - Item No. ATHG76721
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HO NSC 6400 Gondola, OFOX #1801/1850

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  • 9 Build Variations (Builds range to from 2006- Present)
  • Multiple Body Styles
  • Multiple Detailed End Variations
  • Multiple Detail Top Chords
  • Multiple Ladder Variations
  • Metal Grab Irons
  • Etched Metal Crossover Platforms (where applicable)
  • Accurate Brake Piping (Metal and Plastic components)
  • Genesis Roller Bearing Trucks with animated bearing caps
  • Weighted to NMRA standards for reliable operation
  • Body-mounted McHenry® lower shelf couplers
  • Minimum Radius 22” — Recommended Radius 24”


Starting in 2006, National Steel Car began construction of these giant 6400 cu ft capacity gondolas. Designated AAR class GTS, they are open top cars having fixed sides, fixed ends, and a solid bottom. The cars are usually used in scrap metal service. Loading and unloading is often accomplished by a crane with an electromagnet attachment. These 69’ plate C cars are found running throughout North America, both as single units as well as in larger blocks of cars.

These exquisite Athearn Genesis models capture all the details and variations of their prototypes. Our state-of-the-art tooling replicates the 9 build variations as well as multiple top chord and end variations. Separate details include full brake rigging, grab irons and etched crossover platforms. Add the definitive NSC 6400 gondolas to your modern roster with these all-new Athearn Genesis cars.

Product Specs

Sub Brand
Reporting Mark
Coupler Style
McHenry Scale Knuckle
2010-Present Day