If you’ve got an eye for detail, but limited space for your model trains, you may find N scale trains to be just what you need. These are the second most popular model train scale, which means there is a huge variety of model trains to choose from. Athearn carries N model trains including locomotives and rolling stock like boxcars, passenger cars, gondolas, and Cabooses.


Athearn Genesis N Scale Models

N scale trains have come of age and Athearn Genesis proves it. With details not found in other models such as separately applied grab irons, stirrups, roof walks, cut levers, and air hoses just to name a few. But the details don’t stop there. Every Athearn Genesis model train is a true-to-the-prototype with roadname and road number specific details, accurate paint and decoration placement, warning labels, and freight car data marks where applicable. They operate well too, with metal wheel sets that operate on all codes of track including Code 80, 55, and even code 40. McHenry scale knuckle couplers are body mounted for accuracy and performance. Athearn Genesis N is the leader in high fidelity, accurate N scale Model Trains. Shop Now
Athearn N Scale

Athearn N Scale Models

Athearn N scale offers N scale modelers the best value in N scale model trains. From steam and diesel locomotives, freight and passenger cars, and vehicles, Athearn has the models you need for your layout or module. Most Athearn locomotives are available in DC and DCC, some with sound. Athearn freight cars feature separately applied roof walks where applicable, metal wheelsets, and body mounted McHenry scale knuckle couplers. Athearn N also has vehicles including busses, trailers, and containers. From the smallest T-Trak module to the largest model train layout, Athearn n has a model for you. Shop Now

N Scale Knuckle Couplers & Accessories

McHenry offers a trusted line of quality, long-lasting HO and N-scale model railroad couplers. McHenry scale knuckle couplers provide realism and reliability for modelers wanting to upgrade their HO and N scale model trains. The lineup includes accessories such as centering springs and HO and N scale coupler boxes and convenient packs couplers in three, six, and 25 pairs. McHenry products are known for being easy to use, effective, and affordable. Shop Now

N Scale Model Trains

N scale, or 1/160th, is considered to be one of the most popular train scales in which to model, second only to HO. In fact, N scale has successfully unseated O scale as the second most popular scale. N scale can trace its roots to 1927, however it would not be until 1962 that the world would see the first commercially available N scale model trains. It is also interesting to note that unlike other scales, N scale would develop several standards such as gauge, operating voltage, and coupler height within two years of its introduction. Due to its size, the early years of N scale trains were largely considered by the modeling public as a novelty, however as the 1960s would continue, refinements allowed N scale to become more mainstream in the modeling community.

As the 1970s came about, opportunities for N scale trains began to grow. In 1973, Ben Davis built the first NTrak module, a simple 2-foot deep by 4-foot-wide module that allowed for three tracks running, two outside tracks to serve as mainlines and one inside track to serve as a branchline. The concept was shown at the 1973 Model Railroad Industry Association in San Diego, California. From there, a group of modelers would go on and build similar modules that would allow them to connect domino style to form a 12 foot by 72 foot working layout. Their first showing was at the 1974 NMRA National Show in Costa Mesa, California and it did not take long for the modular system to gain attention. Not only could a modeler build a small section of a railroad but they could connect with the outside world. This concept was called NTrak and since it’s inception, it has grown and has not only allowed N scale to grown but to also spawn off other N scale modular groups as well.

As the decades went on, N scale trains grew in popularity much like HO had in post war America. Modelers in apartments and small houses enjoyed the scale as it allowed them to not only have more railroading in a smaller space, but run long, close to prototypical trains. Even those who had a larger basement or spare room, could nearly double their layout size and allow the landscape to truly capture the scene. Modelers were able to model what they saw in the real world so it was not uncommon to see N scale trains made up of four locomotives pulling 50 to 100 cars, just as the prototype did. These characteristics alone made N scale trains the easy choice for the prototype modeler.

Athearn, seeing the potential of N scale, introduced the scale to its product line in 2002 starting with the F59PHi. Now, N scale modelers had a new manufacturer from a brand they could trust and soon Athearn N scale locomotives, rolling stock, and vehicles were available. Athearn would keep its N scale model trains in the forefront by adding all metal wheel sets, body mounted couplers, metal etched parts and prototypical paint schemes. In 2022, Athearn added Athearn Genesis N to its growing product line. Like the HO counterparts, these N scale models would include separately applied detail parts, cut levers and air hoses, and road number specific details and paint schemes, something not seen in the N scale world before. N scale continues to grow at Athearn and here you will find both the Athearn N and Athearn Genesis N model trains to add to your layout.