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Athearn - Item No. ATH28534
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HO 60' Container, CDAU #618123 / 618153 (2)

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  • First time a 60’ container has been offered in HO Scale
  • The Athearn is producing Version 2 and 3 of these containers
  • The 60ft container has the typical 40ft attachment points and are a High Cube configuration


These extra long containers were introduced in 2015 for the Canadian market specifically. From Ontario westerly, Canada allows Long Vehicle Combinations (LVC) up to 40 meters in length; that is two full size semi-trailers behind a tractor. The 60ft container is easier to drive than tandem trailers and is perfect for bulky, but light cargo.

The containers are built by Singamas Container and Dong Fang Container International and are shipped empty to Canada. They are typically carried in the top position of a 53ft well car on top of another container.

Dong Fang built the containers in the 618xxx series. They feature trapezoidal ribs along the sides, vertical squared ribs at the front, and flat rear doors.

Singamas has built the largest number of 60ft containers with this version representing the 619xxx-621xxx series. Similar to the Dong Fang containers side and front arrangements, this version features reinforced ribbed rear doors.

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