Due in 6 Months

No model railroad is ever really complete. That's part of the joy of the hobby - always looking for that next perfect locomotive or piece of rolling stock. Here, you can see what's coming from Athearn model trains in about six months and make plans to enhance your model railroad.

Shipping Schedule / Due in 6 Months

The model trains you see here are half-way through their journey from production to delivery and will be ready to ship in about six months. Pre-orders began on these model trains 6-8 months ago, so you may find some are already sold out due to their limited production runs.

As you create the model railroad of your dreams, it's important to collect the locomotives, passenger cars, and freight cars that match your prototype (and even road number where applicable) as they become available so that you don't miss that perfect component. With six months left, it may not be too late! Use the filters on this page to look for the trains you need to keep expanding your model railroad. You'll find brands like Athearn HO scale, Athearn N scale, Athearn Genesis, and Athearn Roundhouse carrying a wide variety of options from diesel and steam locomotives to passenger cars and freight like boxcars, auto carriers, hoppers, and tank cars.

Remember, the model trains on this page will be shipping in about six months. If you don't see what you're looking for, try using our search bar or look at ways to build out your model railroad with trains coming in the next month or the next year to see what else is available. We're always designing and engineering something new and exciting for our model railroading community.