McHenry Couplers are best known for the knuckle couplers that come equipped on Athearn HO and N scale model trains. McHenry Couplers use a spring to assist in the coupling and uncoupling, but still provide a visually striking resemblance to prototypical train couplers. We have McHenry Couplers available for replacements and upgrades here.

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The coupler of a train is what allows locomotives and cars to connect to each other in a way that can pivot with each other as the train moves around a curve on a track. Couplers need to be well secured to prevent an unplanned detachment during operation. McHenry Couplers come in a variety of lengths, sizes, and styles to best fit your model train setup and provides that secure connection. These HO scale couplers and N scale couplers are known for their reliability and ease of use. Knuckle couplers are preferred by modelers because they are truer to the prototypical train in both look and function than the original hook-and-loop coupler of the first model trains or the Rapido coupler that followed.

McHenry Couplers use a spring in the knuckle coupler to assist with attaching and detaching rather than a magnet. This mechanical closure ensures a better connection between locomotives and rolling stock as they move around a track.

McHenry Coupler replacement parts are available for coupler covers and short-shank and standard-shank lengths are options for you as well. As Athearn HO and N scale model trains come with McHenry Couplers pre-installed, we want to make sure we carry the replacement HO scale couplers and N scale couplers you need to keep you rolling including IHC/RIV 6-wheel RPO knuckle spring couplers, KS ARR upper and lower shelf couplers, and everything in-between. Shop your McHenry model train couplers here at Athearn!