Due in 2 Months

Can you believe the wait is almost over? These Athearn model trains for sale are due to start shipping in just two months! If you pre-ordered something, they'll be in your hands before you know it. If you've been eyeing a new model train to add to your layout, it's time to get it ordered before it's gone.

Shipping Schedule / Due in 2 Months

Athearn model trains typically start pre-orders about a 12-14 months before they ship. If you've pre-ordered a train listed here, it will be shipping in about two months.

Some model trains may already be sold out due to pre-orders and you'll want to check with a local train store to see if they have any on order. But there are still other Athearn model trains for sale here that are available to order now. And because these are Athearn trains, you'll know the quality and detail of these trains will be something you can enjoy for years to come. Two months left to wait is nothing compared to the years of enjoyment Athearn trains provide.

Use the filters on this page to view all of the Athearn trains for sale by shipping schedule, scale, era, roadname, and more. You'll find model diesel and steam locomotives, rolling stock including passenger cars and freight cars, Cabooses, boxcars, tanks cars, and other great Athearn model trains for sale. Can't wait a whole month or two to get your hands on your next (or first) Athearn train? We have a category for “shipping now” full of model trains that are for sale and ready to ship right from our warehouse.