HO DDA40X w/DCC & Sound, UP #6936

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Athearn has upgraded the Genesis DDA40X to Genesis 2.0 standards and will be offering them in several versions including — for the first time — one of the two air raid siren-equipped versions. We are offering versions representing the full spectrum of changes across their service lives. Some of the features include smoke lifters, strobe lights, beacons, different horn locations, early and late electrical cabinets and early and late anti-climbers. Concurrent with this release we are announcing a new run of RTR UP’s 8000 series “Fast 40” SD40-2’s (ATH71202, ATH72103, ATH72104, ATH72105), which were commonly seen operating with the Centennials in high speed freight service.

Union Pacific DDA40X FEATURES:

  • Era-appropriate horns and locations per prototype
  • New LED lighting, including ground effect and class lights
  • Functioning beacons (where appropriate)
  • New rubber MU hoses
  • Lit number boards
  • Etched see-through ladder steps
  • Two premium Genesis motors for unparalleled tractive effort
  • Sound models equipped with dual cube speakers
  • 16-wheel eletrical pickup and drive


  • #6918 Cab-mounted dual strobe lights, two-line UP shield, late anti-climbers, early electrical cabinets
  • #6924 Air raid siren, cab-mounted beacon, late anti-climbers, early electrical cabinet
  • #6936 Union Pacific preserved heritage service unit, ditch lights, yellow frame stripe, cab-mounted strobe, late anti-climbers, late electrical cabinet

HO DDA40X w/DCC & Sound, UP #6936



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