HO 34' Old Time Overton Passenger, ATSF (4)

Detailed Information


  • Fine end handrails and ladders
  • Clear windows and green-tinted clerestory windows
  • Fully-assembled and ready to run
  • Weighted for optimum performance
  • Painted and printed for realistic decoration
  • Body-mounted McHenry® operating scale knuckle couplers
  • Weighted for optimum performance
  • Machined metal wheels with RP25 contours
  • Each Overton Passenger set contains 1 each of: Baggage, Combine, Coach and Observation car
  • Coach in the four pack has a different road number than the single coach
  • Minimum radius: 15”


At the turn of the late 1800s passenger train travel was much more like the stage coach that it had replaced. The Overton style passenger car is iconic to this era, a time of great expansion for the railroads with the transcontinental route and the settling of the Wild West. The railroads brought much change to the landscape of North America. Passenger trains of the time were the best way to get across the continent. The Overton passenger cars facilitated this new era of transportation. 


COUPLER STYLE: McHenry Scale Knuckle
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Is Assembly Required: No

HO 34' Old Time Overton Passenger, ATSF (4)



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