HO SD70ACe, NS/IT Heritage #1072

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Key Features

  • New MU receptacles on both front and rear pilots – Equipped with additional "dummy" receptacles for storing MU cables
  • Battery charging receptacle – Located inboard of each “hot” MU receptacle
  • Turbocharger compartment doors, long hood – Small latched, hinged access doors at the top of the exhaust silencer manifold compartment. The entire forward section of the engine compartment is built out instead of flush.
  • Nose headlight plate – Weld seam at the location of the plated-over, nose-mount headlight location
  • Padlock box – Large padlock storage box for nose door security
  • Electrical cabinet access panel – Equipped with a large, bolt-on electrical cabinet access panel
  • Late inverter cabinet (Chicago Blower Intake) – Inverter cabinet features a large grill
  • LSL indicator light – Small Locomotive Speed Limiter indicator light under both sides of the cab
  • ECP connector box and connections – ECP connections are located on both pilot faces next to the coupler
  • ECP equipment box – Large control box that houses equipment for the ECP system
  • Late sander brackets – Heavy-duty support brackets for the truck sanding lines
  • NS LEADER PTC antenna array – Long, tubular radio antenna cover and a pair of Sinclair “ice skate” antennas

Detailed Information


DCC: Ready
SOUND: Ready
COUPLER STYLE: McHenry Scale Knuckle
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Is Assembly Required: No

HO SD70ACe, NS/IT Heritage #1072



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