HO SD45-2 w/o Anticlimber w/DCC&Sound, Undecorated

Although this undecorated model is in our Genesis line it comes either unassembled or partially assembled in order to ease the painting process

Key Features

  • Researched from the prototype to match specific units
  • Factory installed onboard sound and DCC decoder
  • Genesis driveline with dynamically balanced five pole skew wound motor and dual flywheels
  • Directional constant lighting
  • See-through fans
  • Factory installed Celcon handrails

Detailed Information

DC Mode Features
  • All sound functions are operated by a wireless handheld remote (DC mode only). No additional control box is required to access advanced sound features.
  • The six-button wireless remote allows control of the horn, bell, coupler crash, brake squeal, dynamic brake and brake air release.
  • Additional programmable features allow for different bell and horn tones, coupler on/off, bell rate, directional lights on/off and volume control.
  • Allows for creation of multiple unit lashup with horn, bell and lights on the lead unit only.
DCC Mode Features
  • Compatible with all NMRA standard DCC systems
  • Programable for either 2 digit or 4 digit address
  • Programable start voltage
  • Programable acceleration/deceleration rate
  • Programmable top voltage
  • Programmable speed steps
  • Programmable individual unit sound volume
  • On/off control of special lighting effects: Gyralight, Prime Stratolight or Zenon Strobe.
    (Types and style vary on models - dependant upon prototype practices)
  • Advanced consisting
  • Access 9 accessory sound functions


Is Assembly Required: Yes


HO SD45-2 w/o Anticlimber w/DCC&Sound, Undecorated



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