HO SDP45, SP #3209

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• As-built SP-version SDP45
• Carbody with correct walkway light placement for walkway water fill step-ups
• Correct placement of walkway water fills
• SP-version steam generator hatch and vent
• Icicle breakers front and rear
• Tall SP plow with steam line door
• Front angled coupler cut lever
• Front trainline hose with drop elbow
• MU hoses front and rear
• Boiler water transfer hoses front and rear
• Front drop step
• Front MU stand with field loop receptacle
• Silver class lights on the short hood
• Nose top vent
• “L”-window cab
• Full front SP light package
• Cab gyralight – operates in DCC
• Roof mounted bell
• Rectangular cab vents
• Sunshades
• Windwings fore and aft with upper mirrors
• Nathan P3 air horn
• Round base whip antenna
• Extended range dynamic brake housing
• Diamond-grid radiator intake grills
• Flat long hood end
• Rear anticlimber
• Rear pilot mounted MU receptacle
• Rear early coupler lever
• Rear trainline hose
• Salem air filter
• 5000 gallon fuel and water tank
• Flexicoil-C Trucks with high/low brake cylinders and Hyatt bearings
• Dual end sanding lines
• Era: 1967 thru mid 1970s (road number on nose)

HO SDP45, SP #3209



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