HO Bay Window C-50-5 Caboose, SP #1974

Key Features

  • Prototype era: 1978-present
  • Laser-sharp painting and printing
  • Detailed interior with seats, bunks, tables, etc.
  • See-through end platforms and steps
  • Detailed underbody with full brake rigging
  • Etched metal window screens
  • Roof mounted “flying saucer” radio antenna ground plane
  • Flush window glazing
  • Wireform grab irons
  • 50-ton trucks with rotating bearing caps
  • Axle generator details
  • Body-mounted McHenry® scale knuckle-spring couplers
  • Machined metal RP25 profile wheel sets
  • LEDS installed in marker lights and wires leading to interior of caboose
  • Unlighted units do not include interior lights
  • Access to interior of caboose with easily removable floor
  • Includes trucks with electrical pick-ups

HO Bay Window C-50-5 Caboose, SP #1974



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