HO Bay Window C-50-9 Caboose w/Lts,SP/Police #4762

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Key Features

  • Repainted white
  • SP Police emblem on the bay window
  • “Railroad Police” stenciled on the car side
  • Two RV style air conditioners with protective cover
  • Two spotlights per bay
  • Auxiliary box
  • Single marker light


In the 1980s, SP was faced with the problem of thieves breaking into automobile trains on the “Sunset Route”. To combat the thieves, SP began a program of having Special Agents ride the trains. Cabooses were a logical place for the officers to ride since their usage was reduced by the advent of the end of train device. SP converted a group of cabooses to better serve in their new role including several C-50-9 class bay window cabooses from their 1980 order. The SP police cabooses offer the modeler a chance to operate cabooses on mainline freight trains long after most cabooses were retired.

HO Bay Window C-50-9 Caboose w/Lts,SP/Police #4762



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