HO GP38-2W w/DCC & Sound, CN #4769

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Key Features

  • All-new tooling
  • Soundtraxx Tsunami factory installed
  • All-new Canadian safety cab with interior
  • Operating Canadian “Lampshade” style ditch lights
  • Inertial filter intake snow shields
  • Long hood with correct louvers and recessed brakewheel
  • Dual vertical headlight and multi-class lights on long hood end
  • Canadian-style “ribbed” front anticlimber
  • Canadian ladder-style stepwells
  • “Horizontal” style ECAFB
  • GP38-2(W) short blower housing
  • Close-spaced 48” radiator fans
  • Cab mounted bell
  • Sinclair “ice skate” radio antenna
  • Relocated Nathan K-3 horn with separate, wireform air supply conduit
  • Square PAF box on non-dynamic housing
  • Front and rear snow plows with white “v” stripe
  • Dual “Salem” air filters w/ piping
  • 3200 gallon fuel tank
  • Dual-end sanding lines
  • Single-panel “chicken wire” style radiator intake grills
  • McHenry scale knuckle spring couplers
  • Separately applied wire grab irons
  • Window glazing
  • Operating headlights utilizing microbulbs

Detailed Information


In January 1972, EMD unveiled its “Dash-2” line, which heralded improvements in reliability and control systems. Previous model numbers were carried over, but with a “-2” suffix added to denote the improved model; the GP38 would become the GP38-2. In the original GP38, the diesel engine drove a generator to supply power to the traction motors, although an alternator was later offered as an option (the “GP38AC”). In the GP38-2, the 16-645E engine would drive an AR-10 alternator, with the AC electrical current from the alternator rectified to DC current to power four D77 traction motors on the trucks. Another major change was the “Dash-2” modular electrical cabinet, which sought to improve reliability and ease of maintenance. By the early 1970s, many of the locomotives from Baldwin, Fairbanks-Morse and Alco were considered obsolete and in need of replacement. Even the venerable EMD GP7s and GP9s were reaching the end of their service lives. The most common engine to replace them was the GP38-2.

HO GP38-2W w/DCC & Sound, CN #4769



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