HO 50' PC&F Ext Post w/10'-6" Plug Box, CR #360521

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  • Fully-assembled and ready-to-run out of the box
  • Accurately painted and printed for prototypical realism
  • Highly-detailed, injection-molded body
  • Coupler lift bars, trainline hoses, brake hoses, and hardware
  • Trucks with animated rotating bearing caps
  • Machined metal wheels
  • Wheels with RP25 contours operate on all popular brands of track
  • Weighted for trouble-free operation
  • Body-mounted, McHenry operating scale knuckle couplers
  • Separate wireform grab irons, etched metal coupler platforms, and/or etched metal roofwalk
  • Full underframe detail: air brake reservoir, control valve, and brake cylinder with plumbing and brake rod details
  • Replacement parts available


  • New road numbers and paint schemes
  • 70-Ton roller bearing trucks with operating bearing caps
  • Fully-detailed full cushion underframe, where applicable
  • Era: early 1970s to present
  • Separately applied door closure rods, side ladders, metal grab irons
  • Minimum radius: 18Ó
  • and etched metal end platforms
  • Recommended radius: 22Ó


Starting in the 1960Õs, insulated boxcars started to become common on most railroads. This type of car was useful for hauling canned goods or other commodities that needed to be protected from temperature extremes. The model depicted by this Athearn Genesis car was built by Pacific Car & Foundry and features different side panel construction and door types per prototype. The cars also feature a detailed cushion underframe and full brake rigging.


COUPLER STYLE: McHenry Scale Knuckle
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Is Assembly Required: No

HO 50' PC&F Ext Post w/10'-6" Plug Box, CR #360521



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