HO RTR 50' NACC Box, Dresser Magcobar #42985

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Key Features

  • Era: Late 1960s-1990s
  • McHenry® scale knuckle spring couplers
  • RP25 machined metal wheels
  • Weighted for optimum performance
  • Pullman Standard or Stanray (Superior) roof (to match prototype)
  • Applied metal grab irons and etched end platforms
  • Ready-To-Roll 70 ton trucks
  • Pullman Standard or Superior plug doors


The 50’ NACC boxcar was designed and built by the North American Car Corporation (NACC) in the early 1960s. The car was an insulated boxcar equipped with a plug-door. Insulated cars are used to carry various commodities that are temperature sensitive. The plug door offers better sealing of the car to maintain temperature and better protection from weather, theft, and other possible damages.

Dresser Magcobar, a division of Dresser Industries, produces drilling fluids known as "drilling mud" and drilling fluid systems. The drilling fluids are injected into a well being drilled by the drilling fluid system. The drilling fluids circulate through the well bore to remove the cuttings produced by the drill bit to protect the well bore, and to protect the drill bits and other equipment in the well bore.

HO RTR 50' NACC Box, Dresser Magcobar #42985



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