N ACF 2970 Covered Hopper, C&NW #175025

Detailed Information


  • Round or trough hatches per prototype
  • Photo-etched metal roof walk
  • Separately applied wire grab irons
  • Separate brake cylinder, valve and air reservoir with brake plumbing
  • Detailed outlets
  • Minimum radius: 9¾"


  • Multiple road numbers
  • Fully-assembled and ready-to-run out of the box
  • Accurately painted and printed
  • Highly detailed, injection molded body
  • Separately applied brake wheel
  • Machined metal wheels
  • Screw mounted trucks
  • McHenry operating knuckle couplers
  • Weighted for trouble free operation
  • Clear plastic jewel box for convenient storage
  • Operates on all popular brands of track


The 2-bay covered hopper first entered service in the 1950s. The cars handle loads such as cement, sand and similar denser bulk commodities. In the 1960s, American Car and Foundry introduced the Centerflow design. The Centerflow relies on the car's rounded body to provide structural strength without the added weight of bracing, as well as making gravity unloading easier. This 2-bay car came in a 2,970-cubic foot capacity.

N ACF 2970 Covered Hopper, C&NW #175025



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