N RTR Mack B Tractor, SP

Key Features

  • Mack licensed model
  • Faithful 1/160th scale reproduction
  • Factory assembled with all detail parts applied
  • Razor sharp painting and printing
  • Clear molded windows
  • Rubber tires


The Mack 'B' was first produced in 1949 and remained in production until 1966 when it was replaced by the Model 'R'. Both series of trucks enjoyed a long service life with many of the 'R' models still in service today. During their long lives both types of Mack trucks were converted for a number of tasks including two and three axle tractors, tow trucks and construction trucks.


ERA: 1949 - 1970
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Is Assembly Required: No

N RTR Mack B Tractor, SP



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